AMM Pedagogy

AMM Pedagogy

Assessment Quiz:
Completion of this quiz determines your own unique approach and program, and specifies goals.

1. What’s your favorite song?
2. What types of music do you enjoy?
3. What would you like to do with your Music (select as many as you like) a) develop and gain a new skill; b) record c) perform d) create/compose OTHER please describe:
4. Have you had any music training? Everything counts, including school music classes, your own music exploration, online experiences. Please describe:
5. How much time between sessions can you realistically schedule for your Music?
6. Are you interested in sharing your music with community audiences (Assisted living, Hospices, Hospitals) Yes/No /unsure
7. Are you interested in a career in music? If Yes, please describe:


AMM Pedagogy Programs

I. Music Mentor
II. Music Wellness
III. Music Master
IV. Beginners

I. The Music Mentor approach is suited for students with developmental and special needs. Music, through instruments and the voice, is a tool and key to unlock inner expression – physiological, psychological, communicative. Experience and expertise covers music entering for students with: full to partial blindness (with and without additional exceptionalities); autism in adults; major brain injury – physiological recovery + PTSD; learning disabilities; seniors with early to advanced memory loss; Down’s Syndrome

II. The Music Wellness approach is for ‘boomerang’ music students/musicians who need guidance in unblocking issues and ‘rackets’ that have either limited their playing or prevented them from playing at all. Students will be gently guided to their core connection to music, and from there will develop an objective self-perspective to specify and undo physiological and mental blocks , and find musical freedom again.

III. The Music Master program is for the serious piano/violin student already committed to a concert performance career path. Appropriate opportunities are determined, repertoire selected, and a time specific preparation schedule is established. The approach and expectations are rigorous, but balanced for contemporary multi-faceted lifestyles. A mature self-critical perspective is developed.

IV. The Beginners program is for ages 4…94 Traditional method books (Faber, Alfred, Little Mozarts) are supplemented with student’s personal favorite music. It is common knowledge that music lessons enhance a young developing mind and contribute to future success in life. For Adults, music provides a relaxing pastime and for Seniors, maintain the plasticity of the brain. Students develop a ‘playlist’ of at least 10 songs, both recorded and shared through annual recitals, or post-worthy on social media.

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