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Piano Mind-Body : a Technology

TO be in absolute communion with music is an ideal for all listeners and musicians alike. As interpreters and re-creators however, the attention is redirected to being in communion with the instrument and one’s personal physiology, with the ultimate purpose of allowing the Music to realize itself and live freely in the moment of realization. This can be cultivated (and should!) – equally in personal instrumental practice and rehearsal, and performance. The ideal state for optimum performance is to be alongside (i.e., Astro-body detachment) the listener and enjoy one’ s co-creation of music.

Cont… 031517

Indeed – reiteration. The ideal state is absolute communion, first attained by 1)surrender 2)awareness 3)presence 4)listening and responding 5)anticipation
The result is freedom and satisfaction! And the amount of energy required is surprisingly (thankfully) very economical. I must bring up that if any of my former ‘racquets’ from traditional pianoforte teaching comes up, i have to ‘redirect and reframe’ the energy from the muscles (i.e., no pain-no gain) to my skeletal joints. Efficient piano playing comes from the engineering of the bones, in relationship to the intricate mechanism of the piano. There exists an ideal symbiosis, which I like to think is unique to each pianist, and this alone is a rasion d’être to play the piano at all.


Goal/Ideal : the exercises inform an approach to life; ok, such as being aware and present to each moment. Being some sort of barometer of the energy level and mood of the moment, taking account all of the circumstances (WWWWWH) – and responding via ones creative language. Personally I don’t want it to be About Me or whatever issues are going on.. must be at the level where I will also be healed/transformed. Right along with you.

042017 NYC

Profoundly Moving Quote of the Day from a colleague violinist and composer :

“.. I think the spirit of lasting music is trans-cultural and can be captured and reproduced by anyone who has the sensitivity to perceive it and the skills express it – regardless of genetic background or even cultural imprinting – although both can work against it”


050217 Denver


For any given passage/entire movement, there is a Set Point Tempo that allows for a correct and comfortable realization, regardless of difficulty. Once achieved, tempo can be increased towards artistic goal.

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