At The Bench



A favorite indulgence: making comparisons. 

PART I.  Violin vs. Piano , music-making. 

  1. TONE: Most immediate: V – control of beginning, middle and end of note. P – harmonically supported. 
  2. SONIC INTENTION: V – singing/speaking. P – Orchestral. 
  3. INTERPRETATIVE PACING: the same. Anticipation of subsequent phrases. 
  4. PHYSIOLOGICAL: V: hands are independent. P: hands are interdependent. 
  5. DEMEANOR: deadpan. Some swaying okay. Energy must be totally and absolutely directed into delivery. Any bodily display is a distraction. I’m good with this. “Outside, looking In”. Out-of-body, detachment for optimal delivery. Moreover, this allows for ‘universal collaboration’. Premise: music is already part of your being; any spontaneous re-interpretation is valid. An Ideal!


Performance ideal: a state of gratitude for delivery of music. ‘Love’ towards the music – doesn’t always work. The emotion can distract and cost technique. Gratitude transcends both the emotional and intellectual planes of interpretation. It creates the ideal condition for ‘spontaneous universal collaboration’; among audience, music and the rest of the cosmos; performer is catalyst 


There is no correct way of playing anything. Only your own. 

Music and instrumental learning is an equal journey of self-discovery and knowledge. The pleasure and the puzzle is that this is never completed!


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