I guide my students to discover and develop their inner musical voice (yes, we all have one) and express themselves as freely as speech. What I love most about teaching is seeing and hearing students gain confidence in themselves and their creative voice. At the piano, violin or through composition, my students shape their unique voice through rhythmic rigor, music ‘spelling’ (aka Music Theory), instrumental technique, building a personal repertory and most of all, critical self-listening. I enhance these music-learning fundamentals with exercises in improvisation, ear training, song-writing and whenever possible, chamber music playing among each other. It is heartwarming to witness my students, whether with Down’s Syndrome, on the Autism spectrum, or a precocious talent – develop a healthy self-esteem in life because they are speaking and expressing their own musical voice. My traditional musical training aside, my artistic life path has led me from Society as Artist-serving; to vice versa: Artist as Society-serving. I practice and instill this value to all my students.

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