July 16, 2022, “New Beginnings” performance at the Blue Gallery in NYC. Program: “Shape Preludes” (excerpts) and “Four Moods” for Piano by Loretta Notareschi, “9 Miniatures” for Piano by James Cohn, “Boris Kernen” by Caroline Shaw for Cello and Flowerpots, “Three Pieces” (World Premiere) for Piano by Melissa Shiflett, “Mga Isip Nina Nanay1” (World Premiere) for Violin by Anna Maria Manalo, “Loaded” (World Premiere) for Violin, ‘Cello and Percussion by Rex Benincasa. A reception followed, a part of which is included in this video.

“Three Pieces” (2022) for Piano by Melissa Shiflett, dedicated to Anna Maria Manalo. This recording is by Kurt Briggs.

“Kundiman2” Presentation as part of the “Heritage Days Festival” in Alberta Canada. There was a simultaneous slide/lecture (not visible in this video), with live examples of the art song form interspersed with Anna Maria’s improvisations.

“NOW” Arts Series Presentation (2020) during the Pandemic, curated and produced by Composer/Guitarist Raul Quines. Anna performs the World Premiere of her “Bunkaka3” for violin, and “Four Moods” (World Premiere) for piano by Loretta Notareschi.

1 Tagalog/Filipino for “My Mother’s Thoughts”.
2 Filipino/Tagalog word for the traditional Filipino Art Song genre from the late 1800s-1920s.
3 An ancient Filipino Air originally composed for an ancient Filipino violin.